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Stop grabbing UnitZ and copy/paste the game!! This game is everywhere!

The Zombies are to hard to kill. Bad grafik is OK but this is a little too bad.

why won't my computer connect


This is a pack you can get off of the Unity asset store. This is complete garbage.

biggest untruned rip I have ever seen

lol this game... comletel ripped off so many things including the Plants vs. Zombies theme

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This is just an asset flip of UnitZ UNET. -_- Way to go... You did nothing and are passing it off as your own game.!/content/33494

so coo;l but we cant play because thos is the trailer

not is free

also like uncrowded


Unturned? obviously

@whobeder4 ikr RIPOFFS

well it is a good idea for school when you can play unterned

This is just a rip-off of unturned

What's the point of posting a UnitZ asset flip as a free download?

Why it is Local Multiplayer?


Unturned copy -3/10


Is better


Just get steam and download unturned

1. UnitZ

2. GG


this is a free sample downloadable from internet, what a stupid idea to put it here

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actualy, it's not even free. It's a 45€ demo on the unity store, so fk u too