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Take the role of a lone stranded space marshal in a quest to exterminate all alien life on spaceship 05. Once you awake from your hypersleep you will have to find your standard weapon and start the long endless mission to destroy all alien forms.

Stranded has a large range of features ranging from personal upgrades to purchasing ammo from a wall. Each time you kill an enemy in a special way e.g using your knife, you will be given a skill point in the form of a floating skull. With these skill points, you will be able to purchase the regeneration upgrade for example, which heals your character every time they get injured. Points are also awarded to the player every time they get a kill. Points do vary depending on how you kill your enemy. With these standard points, you can buy weapons and ammo. There are many different ways to destroy your enemy like using a sentry gun or a claymore. C4's and claymores can not be replenished so when they are gone they are gone for that game. Your character also has the ability to go slow motion for them nice clean kills. Watch the gameplay for a better understanding.

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Published264 days ago
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Exploration, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Shooter, Singleplayer, Space, Survival
LicenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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ПОДПИШИСЬ И ПОСТАВЬ ЛАЙК :) в игре очень много интересного НЕ ЗАБУДЬ ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ И ЛАЙК!!! https://goo.gl/fwuX7Q

I had trouble at the start just figuring out what to do but once I figured it out I thought it was pretty fun but could use some tweaks and whatnot. Made a video on it recording my experience come check it out.

For those who don't know, grave accent is the key to the left of 1, it looks like an apostrophe.

For those who are having a problem with the controls, press the Windows key a few times and it should work.

Overall the game is amazing, but I wish the map was bigger.

in the controls what does grave accent mean

dont get me wrong this is just the first thought i had when i saw the screenshots

its a free DooM3 clone

I cant move or look around

i have same problem both with keybord and controller

i would like to see the controlls fixed and controler support would be fantastic.


indeed this game would be even more fantastic if it had multiplayer it would be chill and could attract a lot of gamers looking to enjoy a COD zombies like shooter with their friends. please do add and gr8 job

why can't you buy ammo you can buy new guns but no ammo FIX PLZ

I want this game to have a multiplayer mode or a story mode to explain why you are doing the things that you are doing


I cant do anything look around move :(

Same. Possibly an issue with multiple monitors: the developer hasn't locked the cursor to the game window, so the cursor can walk off and make the game lose focus. Once focus is lost, the game doesn't want to give control back.

try tabing out of the game using windows key and tab and then back in works for me

did you learn or no just asking

iI love the games where you get guns but you're too afraid to use them, and I'm expecting this game will be just like that.

Couldn't keep myself from abusing the AI (nothing else could have kept me from dying :) )

how do you move